Happy Diamond Music Studio was founded in 2005 by award winning musician, Siu Lui Shirley Choi. Using her passion and talent for music, Shirley and her team create engaging educational resources for children. These resources promote the values of love, friendship, and courage, all while educating children on complex global issues, such as climate change and environmentally friendly practices.

Based in Hong Kong and Malibu, California, the Happy Diamond Music Studio has been globally recognized for their remarkable work. Most recently, Shirley and her team hit a high mark in 2017 when The Educational App Store in the United Kingdom gave their app “Miniwalla The Forest Story” a five-star rating. 


Happy Diamond Music Apps

Kakamega the Rainforest Story features three children who save the rainforest from destruction. With beautiful animations and fun music, children learn how everyone can help stop and reverse the damage of climate change. This unique app reached number 11 on the IOS chart on the book category.

Migalolo The Ocean Musical features a little boy named Henry who is turned into a dolphin. He embarks on an ocean-wide mission, exposing children to the various ways we can protect the world’s oceans. This app reached a worldwide ranking of number 4 on the IOS chart in the book section. 

Furthermore, in 2017, Happy Diamond Music released its third app: Miniwalla The Forest Story. In addition to teaching children about other cultures, the app educates viewers about endangered animals and protecting the environment. Miniwalla was rated as among the top five apps by the Educational App Store in the UK. In addition, it was among the top five apps at the App Growth Awards for Best App Store Listing in Germany. 

Finally, Gulangyu The Musical Rescue, released in early 2019, educates on the causes, dangers, and solutions to climate change.

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Happy Diamond Music

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