Siu Lui Shirley Choi
Siu Lui Shirley Choi
Siu Lui Shirley Choi

Discover the Power of Technology

Siu Lui Shirley Choi is the creative behind numerous educational apps for children. Using music and animation, she dives into complex issues regarding climate change and conservation.






Meet Siu Lui Shirley Choi

Siu Lui Shirley Choi is a versatile, creative mastermind with work spanning industries, mediums, and countries. Currently, she is the Founder of Happy Diamond Music.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Shirley developed a love for music at a young age. At just four years old, she began training as a classical pianist. Her passion and talent for piano continued to grow throughout her childhood, leading Shirley to attend the Royal School of Music in London. Here, she obtained a Bachelor of Music. From there, she continued her schooling at the University of San Diego, where she completed two diplomas in Business and Classical Music.

In 2005, Siu Lui Shirley Choi founded the Happy Diamond Music Studio, a company focused on creating engaging educational content for young children. This venture has allowed Shirley to unite her love for music with her passion for spreading happiness. In addition to owning her own business, Shirley is also an an international multi-published author, and award-winning songwriter and musician. 

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